About Us!

Meet the owner

In the fall of 2013, Christi decided to venture into the world of pinterest on her own nails.  She started with trying simple french tips in different colors and loved the outcome.  Simple colors with even the shortest nails were fun.  This very quickly grew into a nail art frenzy.  

First attempt at a DIY manicure with nail art!

She jumped into the nail art world head first in early 2014 and found out rather quickly how much she loved nails as a canvas.  She started an Instagram page for her own nails which ended up gaining about two thousand followers by the time she enrolled in Beau Monde School of Cosmetology.  Every last one of those followers, unknowingly, pushed her towards having the courage to pursue nails. There was something about the support of strangers that made doing it as a full time job seem less unattainable.

She graduated from Beau Monde in Downtown Portland, OR in July 2015. Shortly after graduating she worked for a high profile salon until October 2015. After that, she began doing freelance services within Portland and the surrounding areas alongside her corporate career as a Workforce Project Manager.  In August 2016 she began renting a station to do nails part time in a fixed location inside of a retirement community. By the time October 2016 rolled around, she left her day job and made the move to full-time nail tech! 

Since jumping into nails full-time, she’s found her business in some wonderful locations and scenarios.  Having previously operated out of Sunrise Salon in Gresham, OR, she moved to operating out of Chameleon Salon in North Portland. Here she worked alongside an extremely skilled team of hairstylists and an esthetician. In July 2019 Chameleon Salon and Polished in Portland both placed in the top three of the Best of Portland hosted by the Willamette Week. In September 2019, Christi moved her single desk business into a private nail studio located in the Central East Side of Portland, OR. This jump was fueled by many supportive friends and family members and is sure to be a one of a kind adventure!