A very special thanks to Katie Fennelly for providing design, technical and emotional support on this business venture. 

Who's Christi?

In the fall of 2013, I decided to venture into the world of pinterest on my own nails.  I started with trying simple french tips in different colors and loved the outcome.  Simple colors with even the shortest nails were fun for me.  This very quickly grew into a nail art frenzy.  

First attempt at a DIY manicure with                             nail art!

I jumped into the nail art world head first in early 2014 and found out rather quickly how much I loved nails as a canvas.  I started an Instagram page for my own nails which ended up gaining about two thousand followers by the time I enrolled in Beau Monde.  Every last one of those followers, unknowingly, pushed me towards having the courage to pursue my dream career.  

I graduated from Beau Monde in Downtown PDX in July 2015 and began doing freelance services within Portland and the surrounding areas. I made the decision to carry on my corporate career path alongside my part time passion as a licensed freelance nail artist.  In August 2016 I began renting a station to do nails part time in a fixed location. By the time October 2016 rolled around, I left my day job and made the move to full-time nail tech! 

                           Hard gel set on a new client; Candie
                                              August, 2016

Since jumping into nails full-time, I've found my business in some wonderful locations.  Having previously operated out of Sunrise Salon in Gresham, OR, I have moved to Chameleon Salon in North Portland. Continuing our journey together under a new roof! I look forward to seeing you all there!